kelly chilton calligraphy

And together we are Lovers and Dreamers!
I have always been an artist and I'm formally and career-trained as a graphic designer and art director.

I am here to increase joy, love and compassion in the world by reflecting the beauty and energy of life and nature.

My calligraphy life started more than a decade ago when I was working on an art project but couldn't find any script fonts suitable for what I wanted to do with music lyrics. I enrolled in a calligraphy class to write out the letters myself and never wanted to stop. I continue to study under master penmen nationally and internationally, specializing in pointed pen and brush scripts.

I have been painting for most of my life and now I concentrate on spontaneous style Chinese Brush Painting, studying under Mayee Futterman and Dr. Ning Yeh.

In my free time, besides making art, I'm also gardening, cooking, rowing, hiking, playing outside with my kids, and hopefully back at concerts soon!

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